About us

BOBAL WINE CELLARS is a Spanish company spearheading the production and bringing to market of grape juice and bulk wine produced by our 17 partner Co-operatives.

BWC is based in Requena, in inland Valencia, the Spanish region with the third-highest area of land under vine in all Spain.

BWC was founded on 10 August 2017 in response to the need to bring together and professionalize the bulk wine trade in the Valencia region.

Made up of 17 Co-operatives, we have over 22,000 hectares of vineyard, with an annual production of between 70 and 100 million litres of wine and grape juice, depending on the year, which constitutes 2% of the total amount produced in all of Spain.

Our main products are grape juice and still wines, under the regulating authorities (Denominación de Origen) of Utiel-Requena, Valencia and Cava, though we also have wines designated as “Indicación Geográfica” (from a specific area), Organic wines certified by CAECV and table wines.

We specialize in the production and sale of red wines made from the Bobal grape, a variety native to Utiel Requena, which make up 80% of the overall amount produced. We also produce and sell wines made from the other grape varieties grown in the region.


The Department of Agriculture has awarded BOBAL WINE CELLARS grants for the establishment of this integrative society of agrifood cooperatives in the Valencian Community during its first five years of existence. The grants have been allocated for covering amortizable and investment expenses outlined in the Integration Plan.